Join an Environment Masterclass


Although no single person alone is responsible for environmental destruction, we are all responsible for fixing it. Future generations are depending on the decisions we make today.


That’s why I designed this masterclass – to help each of us make the difference we want to make.

Who is it for?

The masterclass is for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of how their individual choices have the power to end environmental destruction. No existing knowledge is needed.

What is it like?

The masterclass session is friendly and relaxed, I use non-technical language and there is space to ask questions. 


What you'll get

People who've done this masterclass said it enabled them to truly make sense of environmental issues for the first time. By the end of the masterclass you'll know how individual choices impact on the ecosystems we depend on for clean air, water and food. 


You'll understand your specific opportunities to make the biggest difference, and feel better knowing that you are living more sustainably and inspiring others.

Image by Dave Herring

ABOUT Jeremy

Passionate About Inspiring Others

I believe it is important to talk about our environment, and that understanding is the first step to making positive choices. That is why I set up these masterclasses.

I draw on my family's journey of change to become environmentally net positive, as well as my academic and professional knowledge, to deliver masterclasses with empathy and insight.


- Environmentally net positive lifestyle 

- Climate mitigation analyst for FTSE100 company

- Official mentor for colleagues


- Masters degree in Physics from Imperial College London

- Masters degree in Environment, Society and Development from Cambridge University


Jeremy lays out a lot of new and surprising information regarding the environment and our own individual impact in a really easy going and friendly manner. He will answer your questions and support your path to reducing your carbon footprint. I now feel more informed and also more empowered to make a positive change.

Robbie Gagliardi, Elm Park, Brixton

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